Mike Rashid On How To Make Cardio Not Suck

by Brandon

Let’s be completely honest here, doing cardio is one of the most boring things anyone has to do. Especially when it involves being on the treadmill or stationary bike for 30 minutes to an hour. Plain and simple it is the worst. Not to mention that over doing it and partaking in cardio for extended periods of time can decrease your total force generation capacity, which may mean that you won’t have the energy to produce the growth stimulus you need during a lifting session. Which is why you should stick to high-intensity interval training for your cardio. Not only is it more beneficial for your gains but it will also be more entertaining to go through. Mike Rashid is one to agree and encourages people to play basketball, tennis, football and even box as an alternative to being stuck on the treadmill. Tired of being bored with your cardio routine? Switch it up and start getting the most out of your cardio sessions. Listen to how Mike Rashid likes to add some spice to his own cardio sessions in the video below!

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