Mike Rashid On Why He Squats Everyday

by Brandon

We all set these lofty goals for ourselves but few of us are prepared to push ourselves as hard as we need to in order to accomplish these goals. In life if you remain stagnant you are getting worse, our time on this earth is limited already so we don’t have time to become complacent. We have to continuously find ways to push ourselves to improve on a daily basis regardless of how small the improvement might seem. If you improve little by little on a consistent basis it will all add up and after a while you will begin to recognize how far you have come in a relatively small period of time. Mike Rashid is one individual we can learn from as he constantly finds ways to not only push himself physically but also mentally. And in an effort to help keep himself mentally sharp Mike began implementing squats into his daily training routine. He is currently at day 25 and has actually enjoyed the process of handling this incredibly tough challenge as he is aware of all the benefits that will result from it. Putting yourself outside of your comfort zone is the key to achieving greatness in this life, it is all about becoming comfortable being uncomfortable. In the video below Mike explains why he has began to adopt this new training regimen and goes into detail about how beneficial squatting everyday actually is!

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