Mike Rashid Party Parties With His Friends!

by Brandon

Mike Rashid got together with a few friends of his and threw a party for the ages but it might not  be the kind of party you have in mind. There was not an ounce of alcohol on sight, just a barbell, some plates, and a few kettle bells. Yea I know doesn’t sound like too much fun at all right? And that’s probably because it wasn’t meant to be fun but instead beneficial. Mike Rashid threw what he calls a “Squat Party” He got together with his pals with one thing in mind: to destroy their legs! Which is exactly what they did. Getting under the squat rack until their legs were literally about to give up and then finished with some kettle bell split squats to top it all off. Sounds like a party you’d be interested in? Check it out in the video below and get together with some dedicated lifters to throw a squat party of your own!

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