Mike Rashid & Stan Efferding: The Lion & The White Rhino

by Brandon

Whenever Mike Rashid collaborates with somebody it’s always someone who has some knowledge to bring to the table and the trend continues. In the video below, Mike links up with IFBB pro bodybuilder and powerlifter, Stan Efferding. For those of you who aren’t aware of who Stan Efferding is you should, Stan also known as “The White Rhino” holds numerous raw world powerlifting records. While he might be 47 years old and retired, the “Rhino” could still get up a ton of weight. I mean he did set a personal-record by deadlifting 765 lbs for two reps. We can all only hope to be able to deadlift 765 lbs at the age of 47!

Check out the video below and watch Mike Rashid and Stan Efferding push each other through this intense training session.

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