Mike Rashid: The Tao Of Overtraining

by Brandon

For some reason when it comes to training in the gym there is a such thing as ‘doing too much’ but with nothing else in life is that true. But how do you achieve a level of greatness in life? By going above and beyond the norm. You have to be willing to put in the hours when others are sleeping or out partying, having a good time with their friends. So then why don’t the same rules apply when inside of the gym? Because people aren’t  prepared to go through the physical pain that’s required to take your physique and health to the next level. Doing just enough to get by and break a sweat won’t get you that astounding physique you envision yourself having. Not to mention the fact that what works for one person might not work well for another, yet people are quick to bring down anothers training philosophy without having tried it.

The ability to push yourself far beyond where you thought you could is a skill that translates beyond the walls of the gym in which you train. That mentality of going above and beyond in an effort to achieve greatness translates to every facet of life. Mike Rashid advises us to accept that mindset of overtraining in the gym as well as outside of it. Know exactly what you are after in all aspects of your life and never settle for anything less, exhaust every once of potential you have within you and the results will be phenomenal. And when you don’t feel like going above and beyond in your daily activities remember this “..average people do average things…”

Check out the video below and listen to Mike Rashid go into detail about his position on overtraining and how it applies to everyday life!

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