Mike Rashid’s Huge Arm Routine

by Brandon

The arms are one of the most visible body parts, hence why so many people focus their attention on trying to develop a massive pair of arms. Because, unless you live somewhere where you are forced to wear long sleeves because of the frigid weather, a set of chiseled arms shows everyone that you in fact have been pounding the iron at the gym. Which is why when someone asks you to “flex a muscle” they do not want to see you flex your calves. It is your biceps that they are interested in. But lets face it, if you want big vascular arms, within your genetical framework you must be willing to put in years of pain and punishment. So don’t become discouraged if you don’t see your arms grow overnight, it indeed takes time.

One dude who knows exactly the type of training it takes to develop arms that strike fear in the eyes of others is the badass known as Mike Rashid. If you have ever seen Mike train then you know exactly why his arms are as big as they are. The guy trains just as hard, if not harder than most people in this world. So if you have any aspirations of developing cartoon like arms I suggest you take a look at his full arm routine in the video below!

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