Mike Rashid’s Late Night Cable Back Routine

by Brandon

It can be a challenge to carve out an hour or two of your daily schedule for fitness purposes but if you are truly committed to the lifestyle you will manage to find a way. Yeah you have to work all day, attend class, possibly pick up the kids from school or the babysitter but guess what? So do many others and they still find a way to muster up the energy and create the time for their fitness goals. Because they set out to become the best version of themselves and understand the role that fitness and health plays in the puzzle. Take Mike Rashid for example who recently got out of the gym at 2:00 AM after an intense back training session. He might of preferred to stay home watching TV or playing some Call of Duty but understood that there was work to be done and made it happen. It wasn’t his craziest or heaviest training session but it was an effective lifting session – evident through his “stupid back bump.” It isn’t easy but there are people doing it so stop making excuses as to why you can’t and start becoming the best version lot yourself. Take a look at Mike Rashid’s late night full cable back routine in the video below for some motivation!

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