Mike Rashid’s Simple Message: Average Is Not Acceptable

by Brandon

On the long journey that we call life, the company that you keep will go a long way in the determining the life you ultimately end up living. As I am sure you have heard countless times over – “You are the company you keep” plain and simple. If you surround yourself with a circle of individuals that aren’t looking to achieve the same level of success that you are then why keep them around? If those around you aren’t constantly pushing you just as hard as you push them then there is no need for them. The last thing you want is to be around a group of individuals who do nothing but provide negativity and bring you down. You will undoubtedly encounter an enormous amount of negativity in the world as it is, people who don’t possess the same vision as you will be quick to dismiss the idea of you being successful but the hell with them. For that reason you must develop a team of individuals who are pushing in the same direction, all with the same goal in mind. A team that will be there to bring you up and push you even harder when you encounter roadblocks.

The incredibly motivational Mike Rashid understands the importance of cutting off those who need to be cut off and has put together a video helping us understand why it must be done. Mike Rashid is living the life he wants to live and nobody else’s. Isn’t that something we all want? If so check out the video below and make the necessary changes that will allow YOU to live the life YOU want to live!

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