Mike Tyson Takes A Brutal Knockdown From A Hoverboard

by Brandon

We all have seen ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson quickly do away with opponents in the ring, such as in 1988 when it took him only 91 seconds to knock out Micael Spinks to become the undisputed heavyweight champion. But Mike recently got into a confrontation with a hoverboard and went down in record fashion; the best part is that it was all caught on video. In the video we see Mike smoothly execute a few 360-degree turns and appears to be owning the hoverboard. That is until he decided to test his luck and  skip forward which resulted in the former champ hitting the deck harder than ever. If only he would of taken the wise advice from his daughter who urged, “Daddy, I don’t want you to fall” Being the hardheaded individual he is, Mike just couldn’t resist but go against his daughters warnings. There is no word yet on whether Mike would like a rematch or not but in the video below we have a recap of the first bout between Mike and the hoverboard!

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