Mind-Blowing Pumps By Training Chest & Back Together

by Adam Smith

The key to doing the Chest and Back Workout is to make sure you get that squeeze in at the very end of that push or that pull. For years I have watched people do a Chest and Back Workout and that don’t pull enough or they don’t squeeze enough and that is key for today’s Chest and Back Workout. The Chest and Back Workout today we will also be trying a new lift that I haven’t done before.

We will do a incline bench using dumbbells. That time around we will actually hold the one dumbbells while we push the other arm so it stays under tension they entire time. Also through out today’s Chest and Back Workout. We will be doing a Giant set the purpose of the giant set is to really get that blood pumping and push our muscles to the limit. We will do four different workouts for our Chest and Back Workout.

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