MMA Fighter Destroys An Opponent With Flying Side Flip Stomp To The Groin!

by Brandon

What makes a UFC fight so intriguing to watch is that the fight can end or take a dramatic twist at any instance and you just don’t know when that might occur. Or you can be in for a battle that goes the entire length of the fight. You can say that no other sport can offer this to their fans, an adrenaline rush like no other. There is nothing quite like witnessing a brutal knockout that can change someone’s life and  turn them into a world champion. And just when you thought you’ve seen almost every knockout possible you get the video below. In which an MMA fighter destroys his opponent with a flying parkour flip and stomp to the groin. It is painful just to watch the clip I can only imagine the pain the fighter was feeling. Take a look at the incredible move in the video below!

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