Monday Motivation: Never Quit But Start Again

by Adam Smith

I wish I could tell you that someone will do it for you, but you and I know the truth. It has and will forever be all up to you. The grind is yours to burden. The mission is yours to take. The failure, the disappointment, the uncertainty, the embarrassments, the questions, and the doubt is all your. Why? Because you have yet to develop the awareness that you are not special. This is all just part of the process.

Rise & grind ladies and gentlemen. This is where most people get lost. This is where the struggle for greatness becomes to real, only because the dream hasn’t become real enough. You might not have total belief in yourself today and that ok. Just take the first step.

Just make a decision to take small steps everyday, even if its just one. Gradually create good habits that will overtime transform your mind, body, and the connection you have with your spirit and intuition. Read something that will build your mindset, listen to something that will inspire you, talk to people that will encourage you, exercise activities that will strengthen you, consume foods that will help you, and let your goals and dreams lead you through life. Whatever you do don’t quit. A quitter will lose forever. Win the day.

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