Monster Back Workout (Slap-City Style)

by Brandon

The exceptionally energetic Kali Muscle has been taking some slack lately from various people over him letting his fans get a taste of what Slap-City is like. The point of Slap-City is to help motivate your friends and or gym partners to destroy their set, pushing them to go beyond the limits they’ve placed on themselves. I can see why people have a problem with Kali slapping a girl on the back but she wanted to be a part of it, it wasn’t like he randomly got behind her and slapped her.

Shortly after breaking down Slap-City and it’s origins for all the Kali haters he goes into a beastly back training session that’ll make you feel like a weak and skinny human being. Requiring some Slaps on the back to assist him in getting through the entire routine. Wanting a wide, thick back yourself? Check out the video below and you’ll be in for quite the treat!

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