Mother With Cerebral Palsy Dedicates Her Life To Bodybuilding After Loss Of Her Son

by Brandon

We all deal with our own issues and battles but when you put most of them into perspective they don’t compare to what others have to battle daily. Oh so you hate your job? Then quit. Sick and tired of being overweight? Get into the gym and formulate a nutrition plan that will help you hit your target weight. Others have to deal with misfortunes that they have no control over such as Alana Clark. The 51-year-old mother was born with cerebral palsy and has unfortunately dealt with other additional health problems throughout her lifetime. Such as the severe stroke she suffered which left her in a wheelchair and unable to speak. Luckily she was able to regain her ability to walk and speak but nothing could of prepared her for the tragedy she would encounter. Four years ago her 19-year-old son Tom was shockingly killed in a car accident. But rather than lay around depressed, Alana choose to honor her son by dedicating her self to the sport of bodybuilding. Using her sons’ memory to fuel her and help keep her going. Despite all her disadvantages, Alana has managed to take the bodybuilding world by storm after dedicating her training to her late son. Exemplifying all that one could accomplish if you truly apply yourself to achieving a certain goal. Listen to her incredibly inspirational story in the video below!

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