Motivation Monday – Be A Champion

by Brandon

In order to take control of your life and direct it toward the path you want – you must attack your fears straight on. If you decide to run from your fears than you aren’t living and your days are controlling you instead of it being the other way around. If you come across a fear the easiest way to beat it is initially, don’t let it sink it, plant its roots, break you down and destroy the potential you once had. This doesn’t mean that you won’t go through failures because that would be a fantasy. But life isn’t about your failures, it is all about how and what you learn from them. A champion isn’t made because of their potential or genetics – it’s their perseverance throughout all the rough times and unwavering confidence in themselves that makes them special. Life will throw many obstacles your way but if you are willing to persevere through the pain and suffering while not allowing it to knock your confidence, you will be able to accomplish whatever you have your eyes on!

“The clock is ticking, are you becoming the person you wanna be?”
-Greg Plitt

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