Motivation Monday – Be A Savage

by Brandon

Monday is a day that is hated by a majority of people worldwide for a variety of reasons. But most hate it for two reasons: 1) They hate their job 2) It marks the official end to their weekend. Those reasons however are the result of these individuals settling and living a life of mediocrity all because they were scared to go out on a limb and take a chance. You hate your job? So quit it and begin focusing your energy on what you love to do and it will never feel like work another day in your life. And you won’t hate Monday but rather be excited for it because it provides you with a brand new week filled with countless opportunities for you to go after. So stop living below your standards, does it feel good walking around knowing that you aren’t the strongest version of yourself? Hell no! So become a savage and realize that ” All the challenges in your life are like the plates you slap on the barbell.. and that each one is designed specifically to strengthen weaknesses within your character, you learn not only to accept these challenges but to accept them..” Treat every challenge in your life like the weight you throw onto the barbell and lift that shit up or die trying because I can promise you that you have the strength to lift them and a lot more. Visualize your dream and attack it like a savage!

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