Motivation Monday – HATERS

by Brandon

Many people get a little taste of success and then look around and wonder why they have so many haters or naysayers all of a sudden, not realizing that it is all because of the success. Once people see you start to make progress toward your life goals they will rapidly become envious. Those who you thought were on your team and had your back will start to trash talk you when you aren’t looking. Why is that you ask? It’s because once those around you see you doing what they wish they were, they rather try their hardest to bring you down then be happy for your success and use it as motivation for themselves. Sadly in life if you in fact have haters you are without a doubt doing something right. Remember this, people aren’t going to hate on you for no reason. It’s because they are jealous of what you bring to the table. So don’t even pay them no mind, it is meaningless. All you need to do is remain focused on what you are going after and continue proving your current haters wrong while gaining countless others. Check out the video below and get motivated to get in the gym today and make those haters angry!

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