Motivation Monday – Intensity

by Brandon

Your time on this earth is ticking and can be up at any given moment which is why it is crucial to exhaust every ounce of your potential. We do not have time to sit around scared to take a risk and put all the ideas that are trapped within your mind to fruition. Don’t let the incredible ideas, inventions, songs, visions, etc that you have in your mind, die within the confines of your mind because that would be the worst decision you have ever made. The worst feeling in the world is the one of wondering what your life could of been if you would of actually gone after your dreams and goals. What if you would of went out on a limb and ended up accomplishing every goal you ever set out for yourself because what if’s will literally lead to you breaking your head over it. So get putt here and find out what could happen by committing yourself to living the life you want!

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