Motivation Monday – No Excuses

by Brandon

Are you going to continue generating excuses to justify why you aren’t where you should or want to be in life? While excuses will help you put off what you should be focusing on, there will come a point in time when all those excuses are gone and you will be left with the question of “What now?” How will you justify you carrying out a life of mediocrity and letting so much potential go to waste? You won’t be able to and to be honest if you don’t kill your excuses they will eventually climb aboard your back and walk you into the grave, without us ever knowing what we could have been. Don’t let this travesty occur, put an end to this behavior and begin holding yourself accountable for your actions. Focus being as effective as you possibly can with the hours you are given in a day. Stop wasting time; giving thought to what could go wrong if you put yourself out there and instead focus on all the possibilities that may potentially arise. This mindset will allow you to start taking risk as appose to living scared and afraid. There is nothing out there that guarantees you will achieve your goals by simply going after them but that is in fact the only way to find out if you have what it takes.

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