Motivation Monday – One More

by Brandon

Regardless of your current situation it is important that you never give up on your dreams but in order to achieve those dreams you must be prepared to go above and beyond the norm. Be prepared to gut out that extra rep, to go through that one failure, to make that one mistake but more importantly to take that one step forward. You must be willing to fight through all types of adversities and never get deterred from your end goal. The easy thing to do in life is to flat out give up when things get tough but it is the easy choice for a reason. That reason is because it will lead you to living a life you won’t be satisfied with. If you want to be exceptional you must be able to push through the road of pain, keeping in mind that if it was easy then everybody would do it. While going through the pain might not be easy remember that as pain leaves your body, success will take its place. So remain positive, stick your chest out and be gifted. Check out the video below and use it to help begin this week with a bang!

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