Motivation Monday – Perception Is Reality

by Brandon

The mentality you possess goes a long way in determining how well you handle the various obstacles that will be thrown your way. There is no individual out here who hasn’t dealt with some type of adversity throughout his or her life. The difference however between those who ultimately achieve their goals and those who don’t, is how they deal with these stumbling blocks. Most of which has to do with a person’s mentality toward these slight setbacks; will you look at them as complete failures and allow them to discourage you from going after what you want? Or are you able to look at your losses as wins because of what you have now learned from going through the experience? The mind is extremely powerful and believes everything you feed it, whether it be positive or negative. Exactly why there is no point or time for negativity – our perception is our reality. If you don’t like the life you are living, then decide what life you want to live and begin taking the steps necessary to do so. But just remember it all begins with a vision; establish a goal and don’t let anybody or anything get in the way of you accomplishing it!

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