Motivation Monday – Push Yourself

by Brandon

Each day you are presented with a fresh 24 hours and it is you who ultimately decides how productive or unproductive those hours will be. You can sit around watching television all day sulking and wishing you were living a different life or you can get out there and make it happen. The difference between those who are good and those who are great is that the great establish a goal and become laser focused on accomplishing that goal. Doing everything in there power to protect that goal.

There are going to be moments when the future seems bleak, making it can become increasingly difficult to remain positive. During those moments you will question if its worth it to continue working so hard and those moments are precisely when you have to find a way to continue pushing forward because during those rough patches is when you will learn what you are made of. Your character isn’t determined by what you do when everything is running smoothly but rather what you do when all the chips are stacked against you.

Check out the video below for some motivation on this beautiful Monday afternoon!

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