Motivation Monday – Resiliency

by Brandon

Most of us value money above everything else in life but little do we know that we possess something that is immensley valuable and that is time. You can lose $100 and always get it back tomorrow, next week or even next month. However time can never be replicated. You will never be able to get back the hours you spent last week lying around the house doing nothing other than watching some television. But luckily for us, we have complete control over how and where we spend our time. You aren’t happy with the way you are spending your days and fear it might lead to a life of nothing else than mediocrity? So change the way you are doing things, don’t just succumb to your current circumstances. Get up, stick your chest out and begin making the changes needed to be made. Even then, life will hit you with some incredible and unexpected blows that will knock you on your ass wondering if you should give up. Hell no! Instantly remove any thought of giving up from your mind, get back on your feet and show everyone what true resiliency is all about. It’s easy to stay on track when everything is going smooth but how you react when everything is going down hill will bring your true character to light. So don’t fear the rough patches accept them and realize that you will only come out of them stronger than before you encountered them!

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