Motivation Monday – Without Fear

by Brandon

What legacy do you plan on leaving behind? What are the top three things you want people to say long after you are gone? Well the power is all in your own hands. Nobody else will be able to cement a legacy for yourself, you will have to live fearlessly and work your tail off to achieve great things in life. You want people to say great things about you after you time is up in this world? Work so hard that they won’t be able to utter not one word of negativity. Work so hard that even those who hate you with every part of their soul have no choice but to respect the shit out of you. Because people can talk crap about anything they want to but one thing nobody can ignore is hard work. So why not get out there and give people something to talk about? If you need some motivation to get the juices flowing on this monday, check out the video below and you will surely be amped to get in the gym!

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