Motivation: Phil Heath “The Gift”

by Adam Smith

Preparation is difficult, it is confusing, it is time consuming, and it is most of the time considered not to be fun. Yet, we participate in this constant routine almost everyday. We prepare for bed, prepare to eat, prepare for work, prepare for practice, prepare for the game, prepare for school, prepare for a test, prepare for a baby, prepare for a vacation, prepare for disappointment, prepare for a surprise, prepare for failure, prepare for imminent success…..we seem to not like the process yet we are always doing it. But these are just general scenarios. Lets focus on what you came for, the last on the list but the first in your heart, SUCCESS.

There is a small number of people who are willing to chase after success. There is a smaller number of people who realize you must diligently PREPARE yourself if you want to besuccessful. That number gets even smaller when it comes to those who are willing to go through the preparation process. As you will see on your quest for success, the bigger the dream, the more preparation is required, the more that number dwindles of willing participants. This video is a little motivation to help you gain the drive to help push you over the edge and attack your dreams.

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