Mr. Olympia 2014: The Pros Give Their Insight The Night Before Competition

by Brandon

The night leading up to the Olympia is one of the most thrilling and intense moments for all of the competitors involved. Controlling their emotions just hours away from what they have been preparing an entire year for can become quite difficult. For some it is their first time at the Olympia, making them even more anxious to get the competition started. In the video below we are given an inside look at what the pros were thinking right before competition night of the 2014 Mr. Olympia contest. One thing you realize is that regardless if the competitors were veterans or fairly young they are all appreciative of just being able to compete at the Olympia. Freddie Smalls said it perfectly, “It’s the Superbowl of bodybuilding and uh you know there is no bigger event than the Olympia, I mean all the other shows are great but this is the one they talk about all year” And for that reason you can count on each and every competitor to bring their best package to the Olympia stage. Check out the pros give their insight leading up to the 2014 Olympia in the video below!

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