Mr. Olympia 2015: Battle Of The Beasts

by Brandon

The 2015 Mr.Olympia contest is just over a month away and to be frank, it couldn’t come any faster. The fans have been waiting and the competitors are beyond pumped to be able to hit the Olympia stage once again. To them I imagine it never gets old. Being crowned as Mr.Olympia is equivalent to winning an NFL Superbowl or NBA Finals. It is what each and every competitor world-wide has dreamed of since they began the journey of becoming a professional bodybuilder. Sandows are what separate the greats and legends of the sport from the rest of the pack. Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney are the standard with 8 each but Phil “The Gift” Heath is looking to get one step closer to them by capturing his 5 consecutive sandow. It won’t be easy but I can guarantee that Phil is more than up for the challenge. Take a look at the video below to get a taste of what the 2015 Mr.Olympia contest will have in store for its fans!

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