Mr Olympia Phil Heath & Branch Warren Guest Posing At The 2016 IFBB St.Louis Pro Show

by Brandon

Fans all around the globe look up to professional athletes for various different reasons and use these great athletes as role models. Studying their every move in an attempt to learn from them and put the habits they learn from this professionals to use. Which is why it is always awesome when these fans are given the opportunity of seeing these athletes up close.

The sport of bodybuilding uses guest posing as a way to allow fans worldwide the chance to see their idols doing what they do best. Providing die-hard fans that might not have been able to fly out to the Olympia the gift of seeing competitors such as Phil Heath and Branch Warren put on a show.

It might not be the same environment as the Olympia but going off of the crowds reaction in the video below I believe they were more than satisfied to see two of the best hit the stage.

Check out 5x Olympia Phil Heath and IFBB Pro Branch Warren guest posing at the 2016 IFBB St.Louis Pro Show in the video below!

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