Mr Olympia Phil Heath Discusses His Life As A Bodybuilder

by Brandon

Phil Heath is currently a 4x consecutive Mr Olympia champion but this interview takes place shortly after Phil captured his second sandow. During the seminar Phil discusses his journey as bodybuilder, which began after his four year basketball career at the University of Denver came to an end. This was the point in his life where bodybuilding caught his attention and quickly turned into a passion. As “The Gift” likes to put it, “He found his niche in life” and he couldn’t of said any better to be frank.

The difficulty in life is finding what your niche or passion really is, once you discover it, the possibilities of what you can accomplish are endless. Phil is the perfect example of an individual who discovered their niche and never looked back. When you realize where your passions lie the work becomes easy because it is what you truly love to do.

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