Mr.Olympia PHIL HEATH on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Judging Comments

by Adam Smith

The “Gift” Phil Heath gives his uncensored opinion in an interview with NPC News Online Frank Sepe. He addresses the comments made by Arnold Schwarzenegger about the current judging criteria, and answers the question would he ever compete at the Arnold Classic.

This aesthetics issue has been a huge topic of conversation and debate in the culture of bodybuilding for forever it seems.  But this year after the Arnold Classic, former Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger himself threw some gasoline on the fire with his comments about aesthetic body types not winning enough, and about the sheer size of contemporary elite bodybuilders making it more difficult for the sport to garner a mainstream audience.

NPCNewsOnline interviewed current reigning Mr Olympia, Phil Heath, and asked about his thoughts on the issue and Arnold’s comments.  Mr. O (looking particularly massive not incidentally, and clearly in the midst of his Olympia prep) offered his customary frankness and held nothing back in offering his honest opinion about it.

Are today’s elite bodybuilders too big? Is waist distension a real problem?  Phil let’s us know how he views the situation in the context of up and coming athletes vs the guys winning the shows at the highest levels.  He also calls Arnold out a bit on the disingenuous nature of calling out bodybuilders for their physiques, who have been personally invited to compete at the show – in full knowledge of the type of physical package they’d be bringing to the stage.

Asked about his potential future participation in the Arnold Classic, Phil gives us some insight into his thought process about it, but stops well short of ruling out a future visit to the Arnold Classic stage.

All in all Frank Sepe from NPCNewsOnline gives us a fantastically honest and energetic interview with the champ himself.   Check it out.  And let us know what you think about the debate.
Would you be a more willing fan of the sport if the top level athletes had more approachable physiques?  Do you prefer the smaller and more aesthetic packages of the older style bodybuilders to the massive physiques of the contemporary elite guys like Kai and Phil?  Are the guts getting out of control, especially with the younger up and coming guys?
What do you think?

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