by Brandon

Last week we got to hear Mr.Olympia Phil Heath elaborate on the remarks Arnold Schwarzenegger had made on the current judging criteria and if he would ever compete at the Arnold Classic. But that was only a piece of the entire uncensored interview “The Gift” took time to do with Frank Sepe of NPCNewsOnline. And boy was it a great piece! The reigning 4x Mr Olympia discusses topics ranging from his rivalry with Kai Greene, haters, his amazing fans, Gifted Nutrition, his Olympia preparations, and his retirement plans. While watching the interview you can’t help but get excited to see what Phil brings to the stage at the 2015 Mr Olympia. He is increasingly motivated to improve upon the physique he brought to the stage in 2014 and that is flat out scary for the rest of the competition. Phil says he was at about 80% last year which is crazy because he still dominated the field. “The Gift” goes on to state that he has plans to continue competing until 2020 which means he leaves himself with five more years, making you wonder how many sandows Phil will have when it’s all said and done. That is all up to Phil himself, as long as he brings his best self to the stage there is no taking him down. You can’t help but get motivated from all the knowledge he drops in the interview. Check out the video below and see what “The Gift” has planned for himself, his fans, Gifted Nutrition and much more!

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