Muscle Building Chest Day Routine!

by Brandon

If you regularly spend time inside of a gym, you will notice that on Mondays there is always a line for the bench press. Its as if every weight lifter wants to start their week by working on their chest. Eager for the opportunity to get under the barbell, break every form rule in the book, as they set another PR, making for a successful start to their week. But repeat this long enough and your joints will begin to feel the consequences of this recklessness.

You aren’t going to attain those gains you envision by throwing up as much weight as possible; in fact your focus shouldn’t be on the weight you are lifting at all. Instead your goal should be to get as good of a contraction as possible by performing each exercise with flawless technique. Make this adjustment in your training style and you will immediately see the results. For an example of how you should be training chest check out Bradley Martyn’s full muscle building, chest day routine in the video below!

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