Muscle Rants: Quit The Complaining, You Are NOT Overtraining

by Brandon

Today there are many different training theories and philosophies’ circulating through the Internet and at lightning speed because of how accessible information. But is everything that is on the Internet true? Of course not, exactly why you must take everything you read with a grain of salt and actually dig in and do your research on the topic at hand. A perfect example is overtraining. You generally always hear lifters arguing back and forth on its validity, which begs the question of if overtraining is just another myth? Is it just an excuse used by people complaining to get a few days off? Or is it a legitimate issue? Muscle and training expert Marc Lobliner is here to answer this question once and for all. Going off on a rant to bring to you the facts about overtraining and nothing else.

So next time you hear someone complaining that they need some off time because of overtraining, tell them to quit with all the crying and get back to work. Take a look at Marc going off on a muscle rant about overtraining in the video below!

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