NBA Top 10 Plays Of 2015

by Brandon

The 2015 calendar year was a phenomenal year for fans of the NBA as there has probably never been such a great collection of young talent in the league before. And that young talent resulted in a enormous amount of exceptional plays throughout the calendar year. Two perfect examples of that young talent are the Timberwolves’ Andrew Wiggins and the New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis. Wiggins has solidified himself as a solid player in this league with the potential to be superstar while Anthony Davis has proven that he is next in line as the leagues best player. But he might have to hold off on those aspirations for a few years, as the 2015 NBA MVP Stephen Curry has no plans of relinquishing the title any time soon. Yes, that is right Steph Curry is currently the best player in the league as 2015 was the year in which he surpassed LeBron James in the ranks. 2015 is the first year in a long-time that the ‘King’ isn’t referred to as the best basketball player on the planet but 2016 provides an opportunity for him to remind everyone of his greatness. Cant wait to see what the NBA brings to the table in 2016 but in the meantime here’s a collection of the top 10 plays from 2015!

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