Check Out Phil Heath Training Chest And Arms Days Before He Won His 1st Olympia!

by Adam Smith

“When you walk in the gym, you need to come in focused and have pride and purpose.  Be better today then the previous day! ” – Phil Heath

In 2011, Phil Heath had yet to win the prestigious Mr Olympia Sandow, labeling him as the best bodybuilder in the world.

This video is a 2-part training and motivational video, that allows you to see up close and personal,  what Phil thought and how he trained 2 weeks out, and a week out from the 2011 Mr Olympia.

At 2 weeks out, Phil crushes a CHEST workout, and then a week out has some fun showing us how those massive ARMS are built.

“All I can think about is being number 13”- Phil Heath  (referencing becoming the 13th person to ever win the Mr Olympia competition)

What is your motivation? Do you set goals and try every day to attain them?

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