NFL Football Player Menelik Watson Donates Paycheck To Sick Little Girl

by Adam Smith


One football game just might change a little girl’s entire life. British-born Menelik Watson plays as a tackle for the Oakland Raiders. He met 4-year-old Ava Urrea through Touchdown Dreams, an organization bringing NFL players together with children battling life-threatening illnesses.


Ava had more than 14 procedures to help her with a heart problem she’s had since birth. The team welcomed Ava and named her honorary captain of a single game, giving her the VIP treatment. However, it was Menelik Watson who made a decision to really go all out.


The NFL player donated his entire game day paycheck to Ava and her family! According to National Football League Players Association records, Watson’s salary for the season is $622,948, making a week’s wage (and his donation to Ava) around $37,000. It’s players like Watson that give football players a good name.


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