NFL Prospects Taking Their Speed Training To The Next Level

by Brandon

Preparing one’s body for not only the NFL combine but to make an immediate impact in the league upon being drafted is no easy task as the NFL is a whole different beast from college football. Absolutely why each and every prospect must push themselves harder than they ever have if they truly have aspirations of getting drafted and leaving their mark in the league. Which is why many of them head to Proactive’s training facility in California to exhaust every ounce of their potential. As it is a unique sports training facility that integrates unparalleled sports performance training with rehabilitative services all under one roof. But sometimes a day training in the beautiful outdoors is necessary to shock the bodies of these high level athletes and what better way to do so then by hitting a 100-yard hill of sand? It is truly a test of each individuals mental strength and willingness to go above and beyond what everybody else is doing. The dunes certainly are not for the faint of heart but provide outstanding results on multiple levels.

Take a look at how NFL prospects training at Proactive’s training facility take their speed training to the next level in the video below!

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