NFL Week 1 Highlights In Just 60 Seconds

by Brandon

Is there anything out there better than opening week in the NFL? I would have to think that no such thing actually exist. The best part of a brand new season lies in the fact that every team enters the season with aspirations of hoisting the coveted Lombardi trophy. Week 1 of the 2015 NFL season was one filled with exhilarating plays that had the hearts of fans everywhere pounding non-stop. From second overall pick Marcus Mariota slinging around 4 touchdown passes in his first half of NFL action to Tony Romo’s game-winning drive that ended with a strike across the middle to tight end Jason Witten. And that was just two of the many plays that had fans, players, and coaches alike jumping up and down in excitement this weekend.

Didn’t have a chance to check out the action this week? Luckily for you we have a collection of the top plays from week 1 in the video below. Check out all the marvelous plays that occurred in just 60 seconds!

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