NFL Week 17 Recap In 60 Seconds

by Brandon

The 2015-16 NFL season has come to a close and in the eyes of many the ‘real’ season is getting underway. And that is the postseason. While the regular season might have been pretty exciting in its own right, it doesn’t compare to the intensity of the NFL playoffs. There is no longer any room for error as one mistake or mental lapse can result in an abrupt ending to any teams season and dreams of hosting the Lombardi trophy. Which is what makes the NFL playoffs the best postseason out of all the professional sports, one loss and you are sent home packing. Simply put there is nothing like some postseason football so get your flat screens, chips, and pizza ready as we gear up for another year of memorable plays, missed calls, and unforgettable moments. But while you wait for the games to begin take a look at a recap of week 17 in the video below!

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