NFL Week 3 Highlights!

by Brandon

There is nothing quite like NFL Sunday’s, since most of the teams typically play on Sunday the anticipation that builds throughout the week within die hard fans is almost unbearable. After suffering a tough loss the first thing a fan wants to do is fast forward to the next week in which their team will have an opportunity to claim revenge. However, making it through the weekly grind is a challenge in itself for all the players of the National Football League. Injuries can derail a teams regular season and the Fantasy football seasons of individuals all around the globe. One key injury can be the difference between a easy victory and a agonizing defeat in both real life and in the fantasy world. The collection of the various emotions that Sunday’s unleash out of fans is what makes the beautiful game of football being played at its highest level the best thing on TV.

Did you catch all of the games this past weekend? If not check out the collection of week 3’s exhilarating highlights in the video below!

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