NFL Week 4 Recap In 60 Seconds

by Brandon

Tonight we put a close to yet another fantastic week of football filled with heartbreaking finishes and excruciating loses. The beauty of the NFL is that you truly have no idea who is going to come out victorious on any given Sunday. Come Sunday it doesn’t matter what record your team currently holds, its all about who is going to bring it come game time. This week we saw the Redskins, Colts, Rams, Chargers, Broncos, and Bears all win by a margin of three or less. Showing how one single play could of drastically changed the outcome of each and everyone of these games. And then you have the Giants, Panthers, Falcons, Jets, Packers, and Bengals who all handled their opponents rather easily, as they cruised to victory. What better way to get ready for Monday Night Football than by watching the highlights from this past Sunday in the 60 second highlight compilation below!

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