No Gym? No Excuse! Just ask these guys…….

by Mandy

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Watch this amazing video of the Miami Barstarrz Street workout. The Barstarzz motto “Lead, Inspire, Change” has become a worldwide phenomenon.

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Calisthenics is the foundation of Barstarzz, a group of fitness enthusiasts whose mission is to inspire others to get training outdoors, with whatever is available.
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The gym is cool for people who do it, but you can train outside, and for free says a member of the barstarzz’s chapter out of Miami. We believe that the body should train as a unit rather than broken up into sections “I don’t believe in training biceps this way and triceps that way, all of  our stuff is full body. It teaches the body to work together rather than separately,” he explains. Barstarzz emphasizes that creativity, fun and the social aspect are key.  Its not basic old school calisthenics we consider ourselves more ‘freestyle calisthenics,’ or ‘creative calisthenics.'”