Oakham Under 15 Centre Tyrese Johnson-Fisher Displays Phenomenal Athleticism

by Brandon

Rugby is a sport that is’nt too popular over here in the States but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the elite athleticism and toughness of these athletes. Oakham school has produced many Rugby starts and from the looks of it, has another break through star on the rise. Their under 15 centre, Tyrese Johnson-Fisher shows an innate ability to find the necessary holes in the defense, combined with his power, speed and explosiveness, he is a difficult matchup for all who plan on containing him.

I’m more than sure that a few college coaches will be trying to recruit Tyrese to give football a shot. And from the clips below it’s seems as if he wouldn’t have to much difficulty transitioning into the sport.

Think he would have a shot at becoming a high-level college football player?

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