what can you do in 50 seconds? How about cram 2 days and 100,000 fans from the 2014 OLYMPIA into one video!?

by Jim Singletary

Gifted Nutrition’s Mr Olympia Expo Booth was up and running from September 18th through the 20th. Approximately 100,000 fans came through in that time. 300 lbs of whey protein was doled out as free samples, 2000 photos were snapped, and generally a good time was had by all. Gifted Nutrition showed off its new line of products and Top Notch Athletes, along with their promo models, the Gifted Girls.

Phil Heath the company’s athlete President went on to win his 4th consecutive Olympia Title and IFBB Bikini Pro newcomer Janet Layug walked away with a jaw dropping silver medal in her first ever appearance on the Olympia stage.

Not sure what’s going on in that magical Gifted Nutrition Supplement Lab, but something’s working. For Sure.

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