One Armed Bodybuilder Randy Tiner Providing Motivation For Us All!

by Brandon

Today is Wednesday, the middle of the week and the point in time when many become mentally and physically fatigued from the weekly grind. Making getting into the gym a true test of your will and dedication. Some begin to contemplate taking a day or two off, claiming that they will put in the extra work in during the weekend but we all know how that goes. But before you take some days off from the gym or go through a half assed workout ask yourself one question: Are you really that tired? Is your body so exhausted that you really can’t find the motivation to get your behind off your couch, put an end to your Netflix session and instead make progress toward the goals you have set for yourself? I am sure it is all mental and you can definitely muster up the motivation to do so. But in case you have convinced yourself otherwise, the video below will without a doubt make you question how hard you push yourself. Randy Tiner unfortunately was involved in an accident, which left him without an arm but he did not sit around feeling sorry for himself. And instead committed himself to becoming a bodybuilding competitor and wouldn’t stop trying until he did so. Showing us all that regardless of what life throws your way, you can still make it. So stop making excuses and get to work. Take a look at the incredible Randy Tiner guest posing in the video below!

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