Panthers Vs. Broncos Epic Superbowl Trailer!

by Brandon

So it all comes down to this – one game for all the marbles. But who will come out of Superbowl 50 as the victor and NFL champs? Well that might be harder than ever to predict as we have the two best teams from each conference squaring off in what should be an invigorating football game.

On one side we have the AFC champion Denver Broncos who are lead by the Sheriff (Peyton Manning) and the NFL’s stingiest defense. On the other side we have the NFC champion Carolina Panthers who are spearheaded by Superman (Cam Newton) and the league’s most prolific offense. Who will prevail? They say defense wins championships but the Panthers have a ferocious defense of their own. Will wily veteran and all-time great Peyton Manning be able to muster up enough points and add on to what is already a tremendous legacy? Or will the young and exceptionally talented Cam Newton continue creating his own? Most experts have the Panthers heavily favored in this match-up but no football game was ever won on paper. That is the beauty of football – you just never quite know how it is all going to play out. All you can do is get ready for what should be a great football game. Who do you guys see taking home the Lombardi trophy?

To get yourself ready for SuperBowl Sunday, take a look at the epic trailer in the video below!

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