Path To The Pros 2015: Melvin Gordon

by Brandon

Melvin Gordon is a 6’1″, 207 lb running back for the San Diego Chargers and was this years 15th overall pick out of the University of Wisconsin. During his time at Wisconsin Melvin made a name for himself by shattering records such as the Big Ten rushing record. His success wasn’t a result of only his god given talent by any stretch, Melvin is an intense and relentless worker who has dreams of becoming a great NFL player. STACK caught up with Melvin as he prepared for the 2015 NFL Draft, giving us a look into the work he put in on a daily basis as well as the mentality Melvin is taking into his rookie season. His combination of physical ability and tireless work ethic should allow him to make an instant impact on the league. One word of advise, don’t sleep on Melvin Gordon in your fantasy draft this year because you will regret it!

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