Path To The Pros 2016 Ep. 1: Meet The NFL Draft Prospects

by Brandon

Each and every year a select group of college athletes are presented with arguably the biggest job interview they will ever come across in their lives – the NFL combine. In many cases how a prospect performs at the combine ultimately decides if they will be given a chance to live out their life long dream of suiting up on Sunday afternoons. Which is why these hungry prospects flock to the top training facilities in the nation to help prepare themselves for the combine.

To give us a first hand look at what these athletes go through to ensure they are ready to peak at the right time, STACK documents their journey through their “Path to the Pros” series taking us behind-the-scenes of many of these athletes’ preparations. This year STACK takes us to TEST Perormance in New Jersey, EFT in Chicago and EXOS and Proactive on the west coast.

Take a look at the video below to see how many of these extremely talented athletes get themselves ready to perform at their best come time for the NFL combine!

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