Path To The Pros: Mastering The 40-yard Dash

by Brandon

The NFL combine is designed to test a prospects all-around athleticism and knowledge of the game with all areas being important. But there is one in particular that takes precedent over all the others and that is the 40-yard dash; which is why it is also the most anticipated combine event by fans and scouts alike. At one time the 40-yard dash was only important when evaluating certain positions but over time the importance of speed has grown to all positions. The continuous growth of the attention paid to speed in the game of football has continued to inflate the meaning of 40 times.

By running a fast 40-yard dash time, a player can skyrocket his draft position from the middle rounds to the first round. The same goes for running a slow 40-yard dash –  that first round projection you had prior to the combine is history. Resulting in prospects taking their 40-yard dash training more seriously, spending weeks at training facilities all around the country to ensure that they are prepared to run the fastest time possible. Certainly making sense as there are millions and millions of dollars to be won or lost each year at combine.

In STACK’s latest “Path to The Pros” video they give us a behind-the-scenes look into how a few of the prospects in this years NFL Draft prepared for the 40-yard dash at this years NFL combine.

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