Paul George The Road Back: Reliving The Nightmare

by Brandon

Paul George was on his way toward becoming a bonafide superstar in the NBA but all that was put on hold last August during a Team USA scrimmage. James Harden was going in for a fast break layup, when George decided attempt an incredible chase down block. That is the moment when everything went south, after failing to come up with the block, Paul landed awkwardly with his leg getting caught by the stanchion located behind the basket. Paul George suffered a horrific, compound leg fracture and would be unable to play for the next six months.

In this series Bleacher Report is documenting his road back to the court. In the first video they sat down with Paul as he relives the moment when everything changed in a matter of seconds. Players league wide better be prepared because as Paul told his father, “I’m coming back a beast!”

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